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General Questions

Are you insured?
Yes, Plate & Platter has liability insurance through membership with the US Personal Chef Association.

Can you provide references?
Certainly, just ask!

How far outside of Dallas will you travel?
For personal chef services, we are happy to travel up to 20 miles outside of Dallas.  For dinner parties and cooking classes, we travel throughout the state, on a case-by-case basis.

Personal Chef

Where do you shop for my groceries?
We are happy to shop for your groceries at your preferred location whether that be the farmers market, a traditional grocery store, or a combination of both.

Will you shop for additional groceries I need for non-cook dates?
We are certainly happy to do additional grocery shopping for you for a small service fee.

Why do you charge for groceries separately?
By charging for groceries separately, we can ensure the best quality product within your grocery budget.

When do you require payment?
A deposit for groceries and payment for each future cooking date is required one week prior.

Will I be locked into a contract?
Services will be provided indefinitely into the future for you. However, should you wish to cancel at any point, advance notice of 2 weeks is required.

Where are my meals prepared?
Your meals are prepared in the safety of your kitchen.  This avoids the extra cost of using commercial kitchen space and ensures that proper food safety protocol is followed.

Do you deliver?
Plate & Platter does not deliver.  If we delivered, we’d be required to use commercial kitchen space which would add cost to the services.

How are my meals packaged and stored?
Your meals are packaged in reusable food-safe glass or plastic storage containers and stored in your refrigerator or freezer according to your preferences.

Dinner Parties

Can I choose my own menu or do I have to pick from one of the preset ones on your Dinner Parties page?
The menus on our Dinner Parties page are just samples. We can customize a menu to you and your guests’ specific tastes, preferences, and even dietary restrictions. Contact us for more information.

Cooking Classes

Can you teach me how to cook something that’s not one of your sample classes?
The sample classes listed on our Cooking Classes page are just samples. There are probably some things we won’t do (cooking with liquid nitrogen comes to mind!), but we’re happy to do almost anything you want! Contact us for more information on Cooking Classes in your own home.

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